Why WordPress?
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Explain CMS

The possibilities are limitless.

You’ve probably come across or heard the term “CMS” in your recent searches.  CMS is truly the heart of WordPress. CMS might be better known as Content Management System. Heard of this have you?

Why use WordPress? What makes WordPress so great? Well for starters, it is responsible for capturing over 59% of all websites that utilize a content management system. In addition, WordPress is responsible for powering over 29% of all known websites.
(Updated Data – Dec 2017)

Take a moment and think about that, that’s remarkable!

Due to its incredible growth and popularity of WordPress, it has become quite the target for ill intent purposes such as brute force entry, responsible for bringing down a website or even worse, stealing data.

This is why we have to take security seriously. With consistent maintenance provided by Geek & Design Inc., we will maintain your plugins, updating the core software of WordPress and placing in additional sophisticated barriers will be essential to ensure a long lasting effective website.

What truly makes the software popular, is the great community that surrounds the platform. In addition to WordPress’s core software, thousands of plugins become available. There are many great plugins that are free, and many premium plugins that are well developed by other software companies. The community itself is an open source environment, which can help reduce both time and investment in developing any business.

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